22 December 2021

FPS Bulletin 52 - December 2021 has been published today.

In our final bulletin of 2021, we are delighted to publish the findings of the FRA remedy self-assessment survey and to announce a new appointment to the Bluelight team.

Thank you for the support you have shown the team during what has been another challenging year. We look forward to working with you all in 2022.

With best wishes for the festive season and a happy and safe new year - the Bluelight team

5 December 2021

FPS Bulletin 51 - November 2021 was published on 30 November.

You can find information about the Home Office consultation on amendments to the FPS regulations for the first phase of the 2015 remedy, and new or amended resources that have been added to the FPS Regulations and Guidance website. There are also several updates on the wider pensions landscape and a stakeholder survey to complete for the Pensions Ombudsman.

1 November 2021 

FPS Bulletin 50 - October 2021 was published on 29 October.

Updates this month include new web resources for the 2015 Remedy and a response from HM Treasury on the cost control mechanism consultation. Treasury directions have also now been published which will allow the 2016 valuations to be finalised.

4 October 2021

FPS Bulletin 49 - September 2021 was published on 30 September. 

This month brings readers a case study on two pension awards, information on the Second Reading of the PSP&JO Bill, and confirmation that the government is suspending the earnings element of the ‘triple lock’ for one year.

13 September 2021

We are hiring! A vacancy for Firefighters’ Pensions Adviser – Employers at the LGA has been advertised with a closing date of 11 October 2021. More information about this exciting opportunity can be found on the link, along with the full job description.  

1 September 2021

FPS Bulletin 48 - August 2021 was published yesterday.

This month’s issue contains several articles about the recently introduced Public Service Pensions & Judicial Offices Bill, and you can read the Scheme Advisory Board’s responses to HM Treasury’s consultations on scheme valuations.

We also bid a fond farewell to Clair Alcock as she leaves the team to join the National Police Chief's Council as Head of Pensions. 

30 July 2021 

FPS Bulletin 47 - July 2021 has been published today.

Highlights this month include the introduction of the Public Service Pensions & Judicial Offices Bill and the long-awaited release of a template administration strategy for the FPS. You can also read the results from the Pension Regulator’s most recent Governance and Administration Survey.

23 July 2021 

On 19 July 2021, HM Treasury (HMT) introduced the Public Service Pensions & Judicial Offices Bill (PSP&JO Bill) to the House of Lords.

The PSP&JO Bill sets out in law how the government will remove the discrimination identified by the courts in the way that the 2015 reforms were introduced for some members (i.e. remedy).

This is the primary legislation which closes final salary schemes for accrual past 31 March 2022 and moves all remaining members into FPS 2015, while ensuring that existing transitional protections such as the final salary link and double accrual are retained. More information about how benefits are calculated as a transitional member of the FPS 2015 are available from the FPS 2015 transition members page of www.fpsmember.org, including details of how final salary accrual in the FPS 1992 is treated under the double accrual protection.

30 June 2021 

FPS Bulletin 46 - June 2021 has been published today.

This month’s issue includes a reminder of the updated information provided by the Home Office and the LGA about immediate detriment cases, the findings from the Scheme Advisory Board’s request for information on Internal Dispute Resolution Procedures (IDRPs), and two new consultations from HM Treasury.

28 May 2021

FPS bulletin 45 - May 2021 has been published today.

Hot topics this month include the launch of the FPS Member website and the Scheme Advisory Board survey of FRA’s preparations for remedy. You can also read an open letter from the Board to HMT on remedy issues affecting the FPS.

30 April 2021

FPS bulletin 44 - April 2021 has been published today.

There is an important update this month about Annual Benefit Statements for 2021 and we are pleased to release a set of tools to assist with data collection for age discrimination remedy. FRAs should also note the request for IDRP data by 31 May 2021.

Finally, Joanne Livingstone is hosting a virtual SAB update event on 20 May 2021. More information can be found in the bulletin – all welcome!

31 March 2021

FPS bulletin 43 - March 2021 has been published today.

This month’s issue contains updates on age discrimination and a reminder about submission of accounting data for the top-up grant. FRAs should note the Home Office deadline of 14 May for providing this information.

1 March 2021

FPS Bulletin 42 - February 2021 was published on 26 February.

There are a number of key updates this month in relation to age discrimination remedy and associated topics. We are also able to confirm that there are no changes to FPS contribution rates for 2021-22.

4 February 2021

On 4 February 2021 the government published its consultation response on how it intends to remove the discrimination identified by the courts in the 2015 pension reforms through changes to primary legislation and Firefighters’ Pension Schemes regulations.

Public Service Pensions Consultation Response and Update: written statement HCWS757 (HTML)

Public Service Pensions: Government response to consultation (PDF, 72 pages, 838kb)

Home Office public service pension schemes consultation response Fire FAQs (PDF, 10 pages, 164kb)

For further information, visit our age discrimination remedy implementation page.

29 January 2021

FPS bulletin 41 - January 2021 has been published today.

Our first bulletin of 2021 includes an article on the Firefighters’ Compensation scheme and a statement from the Scheme Advisory Board on medical assessments.

We are also pleased to release the latest version of our TPR six key processes factsheet which has been updated to reflect the results from the Pensions Regulator’s most recent Governance and Administration survey.