We were pleased to welcome around 50 delegates to the FPS 2006 Special Member workshop held on 2 May 2018 at 18 Smith Square. Our thanks go to Vicky Jenks of Shropshire Pension Fund and Chris Mulholland from GAD for their contributions, and to all delegates participating in the event.

This refresher workshop focused on the history and framework of the 2014 provisions which allowed special members to join the 2006 scheme, how this was communicated to employers and members, and gave an overview of the 2016 valuation statistics in relation to this group of members.

Scheme managers, pensions, finance and HR professionals from a range of FRAs, along with software providers, received a detailed update on the technical aspects of the amendments and had opportunity to reflect on their own experiences.

The complete presentation slide deck from the FPS 2006 special members workshop held on 2 May 2018 is available to view.

A full house    Clair Alcock - LGA

Vicky Jenks - Shropshire Pension Fund    Chris Mulholland - GAD