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This section contains training guides published by the LGA Bluelight team on various scheme matters.

The guides have been developed as an overview on topics across the schemes and, while they provide some guidance on the rules of the schemes, are not intended to replace regulations. The regulations are referred to without and should always be checked when calculating any benefit payable. The guides should be used only as an informal view of the interpretation of the firefighters' pension schemes as only a Court can provide a definitive interpretation of legislation.

Please note that it is the responsibility of each FRA to apply the rules of the pension scheme in accordance with their interpretation of the scheme and to obtain legal advice where they consider this is necessary.

If you have any suggestions for future topics to be covered, please contact us.


Date of publication

Special members of FPS 2006 (PDF, 115 pages, 2,300kb)

May 2018

FPS 1992 transitional calculations (PDF, 68 pages, 1,660kb)

August 2016 UPDATED: May 2019

FPS 2015 member presentation (PDF, 50 pages, 863kb)

January 2015