In order to introduce a more structured approach to both asking and answering queries the Bluelight team have developed a pension query form for employers and administrators, which has been signed off by the chair of the Firefighter Pensions Technical Community.

The form asks for information in the following areas:

  1. Details of your query
  2. Area of uncertainty / challenge
  3. Proposed solution
  4. Research undertaken: Relevant legislation, HMRC guidance, relevant websites, historical background (circulars or technical meeting minutes), legal advice [Include links]
  5. Indication of amounts (£) involved
  6. Timescales involved 
  7. Other supporting evidence

Query form (Word, 2 pages, 80kb)

Notes for completion (PDF, 2 pages, 167kb)

Technical query log - June 2022 (PDF, 123 pages, 1,336kb)


The form and notes for completion are available to download from this page and the form should be submitted to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. once completed with all relevant information. Your query will be acknowledged upon receipt and we will aim to reply to your query within 28 days. If we cannot reply with a full response within 28 days, we will let you know and tell you when you can expect to receive a full reply from us.

Receiving queries in this way will allow us to build up a picture of frequently asked questions and ensure greater consistency in our responses. We will be able to build up a knowledge bank of resources and be able to more easily identify common areas of uncertainty, where dedicated training or workshops could be offered.

It will allow us to have greater visibility on our timescale for responses in order to improve the level of service we can provide to practitioners, and will also help form a business case for requesting further support and advice from the Home Office or other bodies such as HMRC. We do not envisage it being any more onerous than the information we would currently expect to be provided with in order to answer a technical query.

Please note that we cannot give legal or financial advice, and we cannot respond to members directly.

We appreciate that it will take some time for this new way of working to become embedded, however, we will return any queries that are not submitted using the form, from 1 August 2018. If you have any feedback regarding the process, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Your continued cooperation and support is appreciated.